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At Ultraviolet, all guests receive the same 20-course set menu at the same time, which pushes the experience towards the essence of what a meal is about: a communion.

The 20-course (or so) menu will move in a series of dishes grouped by size and nature.
Dinner may begin with just one or two bites dishes, move to more substantial fare, then shift downhill for a series of digestives and sweets in diminishing sizes.

What dishes make up the series is entirely flexible.  Pairet reserves the freedom to express his personal “avant-garde figurative” cuisine (understand modern with flesh and bone) as much as his right to express the essence of a product, simplicity and anti-theatrics.

The rhythm and size of a 20 course meal lend to both experimentation and comfort, to Wwows and Haaas.
Pairet intends to blend both.

Menus published:
UVA in May 2012 / UVB in May 2013 / Both combined as UVA/B since May 2023
UVC since December 2016
UVD since September 2022
* Wines are subject to change depending on availability.
** The same menus with Prestige Wine Pairing are also available on the booking system

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