1.Where is Ultraviolet?

Somewhere in Shanghai. A meeting point will be disclosed for confirmed guests. They will be led to Ultraviolet all together.


2. Is Ultraviolet open everyday?

Ultraviolet is open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday with annual closures during Chinese public Holidays. Please visit the booking calendar for details.


3. What kind of cuisine do you serve at Ultraviolet?

Chef Paul Pairet's author's cuisine.
Pairet's style has been tagged as "Avant-Garde Figurative".
Translate: globally stamped, bold and assertive, essentialist with a total lack of prejudice, modern with flesh and bone.
The 20-course menu in Ultraviolet lend to experimentation and comfort - sophistication and sheer simplicity.


4. Do you accommodate dietary restriction?

Ultraviolet's team will do the utmost to accommodate special dietary restriction, yet, due to the nature of the experience consisting in sharing the same menu within a set atmosphere attached to each dish, we might not be able to accommodate some intolerance.


5. What is the price of Ultraviolet experience?

The set menu including beverage pairing starts from RMB 4.800 per person.
Due to the limited number of seats the guests are required to confirm the booking by deposit payment.
Any extra order out of the menu will be added to final bill at the end of the dinner.
There is no service charge at Ultraviolet. 


6. What time does the dinner start and how long does it last?

Guests gather at the meeting point at 6.30pm, and leave for Ultraviolet at 7pm. Dinner starts at 7.30pm and should end around 11pm.


7. We would like our children to experience Ultraviolet, is it possible?

Ultraviolet experience is recommended to the guests above 12 years old.
We are not able to serve children's menu among the other guests.


8. May I bring my own bottle of wine at Ultraviolet?

The set menu includes beverage pairing. However if you wish to bring your own bottle of wine, you would be required to share the bottle with the entire table. 
This privilege does not in any case entitle guests to a rebate on the set-pairing menu.


9. Is it possible to take picture of Ultraviolet experience?

Yes, it is possible.
But we would appreciate if the photographing does not disturb other guests or the service during the dinner. 
We would require that you do not use flash photography nor film (video). 
We also suggest you to minimize the time of photographing, as most of the dishes require your immediate attention.


10. Do you allow using cellphone?

There is no cellphone signal inside of Ultraviolet’s dining room. You can resume the signal outside of the dining room, if needed, during the break or at the end of the dinner. 
To ensure a most complete experience, we encourage you to temporarily refrain from using smartphones and social media posting, such as SMS and WeChat, during the evening. We encourage our guests to enjoy the experience and if needed, they will be able to do so during the break or at the end of the dinner. 
We advise our guests to make all necessary arrangements should you expect any telecommunications during the dinner hours.


11. Is Ultraviolet smoker friendly?

Ultraviolet table is non-smoking. 


12. Do you have any dress code at Ultraviolet?

Be you.


13. Do you make Birthday Cake at Ultraviolet?

Should you have any request for special occasion please specify in the guest quiz once your reservation is confirmed.


14. Is there anything else we should know about and prepare for Ultraviolet experience?

Please arrive at the meeting point on time.
Please come hungry. We hope for you to enjoy all 20 courses comfortably


15. Do we need to have 10 people to make a reservation at Ultraviolet?

Ultraviolet is a restaurant with 10 seats, not a private dining room. You can make reservation for 1 to 10 guests.


16. Is it possible to reserve the table for more than 10 guests?

Ultraviolet can only accomodate maximum of 10 guests at its table.


17. We are only 6 people and we would like to book the full table, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible; you can privatize the whole table.


18. I would like to offer a dinner at Ultraviolet to my friends but I will not attend the dinner, how can I make the reservation and settle the bill in advance for them?

Please kindly contact, our team will help you to make this booking and make sure your friend enjoy their Ultraviolet experience.


19. I would like to cancel or modify my reservation, is it possible to get the refund of the payment deposit?

See modification and cancelation policy


20.I have some difficulties to make online booking or to consult my online account, what should I do?

Should you have any issue with our online reservation system do not hesitate to contact