Value For Money

The most expensive restaurant per customer in the World.

Let me sum up the objective reasons why your money can’t even buy Ultraviolet’s values.

Did you ever think that those spectators buying a ticket for a F1 race were paying for those teams’ expenses?
However expensive, the F1 ticket is to an extent a “sponsored” ticket (which, I agree does not necessarily give it much value for money. . .  too noisy. . .  terrible value noise ratio. . .)

A few trivial things you might need to understand is that Ultraviolet is a 1.8M RMB investment /capita (in other words 275,000 USD or 200,000 Euros /guest), which sets the project as one of the most expensive restaurants per customer in the world.

Not even talking about the fact, that Ultraviolet holds one of the world’s record ratios of employee per guest (2.5 staff/guest), crushing from far the ratio of nearly all of the 3 Michelin stars you’ve ever heard of.
All this to let you know that, if Ultraviolet was only trying to break even, your seat could simply cost 5,000 RMB!  Yes, so we sponsor your “investment”!

Does the value for money notion apply there? Or shall we rather talk about value for pleasure, for time. . .
Some will like, some won’t. . . of course we’ll be judged. . .
You’d better like it.