The Senses


Scent is evocative, and allows one’s imagination to freely relate to his own memories and cultural repertoire.
Undoubtedly the sense has the stronger psychological effect when it comes to trigger Taste.

Delivering a scent is relatively easy, but controlling the length and intensity of its diffusion is very complicated.  In a quick-paced environment like Ultraviolet, where timing is crucial, scents that linger too long could overlap into the following course, spoiling the next experience.
The necessity of the scent technology in Ultraviolet comes from France, from Scentys, a very small company that has developed a unique dry-scent diffusion system, allowing to control intensity and dissipation.
Mane, the French leader of scent and flavors has provided the tailored made catalogue of Ultraviolet’s fragrances.


Background multi-channel sound and directional speakers
Laugh tracks on television are crude markers to tell us what’s funny.  Swelling strings tell us when to cry.  Ominous silence builds the tension.
The sound is definitely the most penetrating tool to enliven and sculpt an ambiance.
Ultraviolet sound systems have been powered by no less than K-Array, Sennheizer, comprising of 56 speakers – 22 are devoted to the sole dining room.


Warm, Cold, Earthy, Blur, Dramatic, Natural, Aggressive, Zen. . .  Lights are suggestive, they set the tone, color the mood, affect, influence.
Lighting design is definitively one of the most important background factors setting the intangible atmosphere of a restaurant aside of the decoration.
60 LED RGB.DMX lights, (translate: multi-colored computerized light that could be fully controlled upon set scenarios), floor led strips, black lights and 10 halogen pin projectors set Ultraviolet’s lighting system as one of the most sophisticated for any dining rooms.
Enriched by the infinite possibilities of the projection system, the lighting of Ultraviolet is conceived to set the mood, wrap-up the white naked dining room in shadows and colors.
Special mention to the beautiful Baccarat chandelier crowning ironically the toilet of Ultraviolet, the single luxurious room in the traditional perception of the term.

Images are figurative, thus very powerful and tricky as they can override imagination and impose narrow angles and. . .  views.
Use cautiously, images can also drive, travel, evoke, immerse. . .

7 projectors fill episodically the room of Ultraviolet with lights, images and films.
The projection concept is used primarily to enhance the lighting, dress-up the room with static wallpaper, but as well, coupled with an exceptional sound system, to immerse guests into a 360º HD scenario such as a penetrating blizzard that could call for a comfort dish.
3 of those projectors are focusing on the table. Paired with a tracking device and infrared cameras system they can frame lights and images on precise objects’ shapes.


Food could definitely call for most senses, but will mostly add taste obviously to complete the full sensory panel, and leads the entire technology.