Kitchen Apparatus

Teamwork of the bests around, Ultraviolet’s kitchen design is the collaboration between Ultraviolet team, Zhong Xing (China’s leading high-end kitchen contractor), Electrolux-Professional, Miele and Kohler Kitchen.

Zhong Xing has supervised all kitchen plans, installation, and tailor built all of the beautiful black nano stainless steel equipment.
Electrolux-Professional has fitted Ultraviolet’s kitchen with its highest range of cooking apparatus (Combi Steamer Touchline Control), processing tools and refrigeration range, around a Molteni, the “rolls of the stove”, custom made in France and shipped in a single block of heavy duty stainless steel.
Adding a touch of elegance to a traditionally Spartan professional kitchen, Kohler Kitchen has brought its cabinetry design expertise, when Miele, the German leader of household appliances, was the only choice for its blend of design and technology to fit Ultraviolet bar and cafeterie.

Matching the kitchen profile, the tools have been carefully picked from the best European brand such as Fissler (pots, pans, knives and kitchen apparatus) and Eurochef Matfer-Bourgeat (stainless steel kitchenware, chef’s and pastry utensils).

Finally, the techno tool list speaks for itself (or rather doesn’t):
Rotary Evaporator RV-10 Digital, Clarimax, Anti-Griddle, Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) tank, Freeze Dryer, Thermal Circulator, Hold-O-Mat slow roasting & alto-shaam Dryer, Paco Jet, Merrychef E4, ICC Mycook – (Thermomix), iSi Syphons x 40 units + injector needles, Gelato Chef, Omega Wheat Grass Juicer