The almost-extinct definition of fine dining*

The expression “fine dining” has become a pejorative.  Let’s talk about its original meaning.

Fine dining has hardly ever been economically viable; they were called the “danseuse”.
Their initial role was to develop a prestigious image for an owning company: a noble form of publicity that reflected on the company’s reputation, and therefore its market shares and selling prices.
Ultimately, the “danseuse” return on investment was in generating genuine press clippings, a prestigious image with a superior power of conviction than offensive, self-laudable publicity.

But along the way, the indirect nature of fine dining’s marketing role left restaurants to compete for pride, loosing sight of economic fundamentals.

What should fine dining restaurants stand for?
Image?  Direct revenue?  Both?  Here we are: the milk, and the money from the milk.

By the end of the 20th century, “The fine dining danseuse” of the last century was forced to pursue direct revenue and compromise on wages, the number of seats, quality, and ambition, when not replaced by premium chef brands, themes, or other specialties restaurants.

“Fine Dining” dinosaurs had forgotten so much about any marketing role, that they didn’t realize that the lack of positive image could be translated in financial loss – failure could become an anti-marketing tool.

With a few exceptions, the image and term of “fine dining” went old-fashioned, standing for: “pretentious, average, politically correct, boring, mediocrity wrapped in silverware. . .
In other words, “fine dining” ended “bad dining.”

Now how about Ultraviolet?
Ultraviolet‘s small size protects the project from any uncontrolled loss.
It is a powerful P.R., marketing, and sales department of its own, representing not just itself, but a global project.

Through strategic partnerships, returns on communication and sponsorship by like-minded brands, Ultraviolet has been able to resuscitate this almost-extinct definition of fine dining, and applies it to a modern restaurant.

The danseuse is back, but she is rare, bold, beautiful and under control.