Food Should Speak For Itself

I can hear you. . .”Food should speak for itself”. . . true. . . it should.

So why on earth do we need to detract the attention of the dinners with all that technology?
And voila. . . the typical assumption that technology will distract when we think that invisible technology could enhance, support. . . play a role, interact.
What shocks me the most in any restaurant is this random “ambiance” which hardly matches with the food: Where is this light aiming at? What does this Mozart soundtrack have to do with my green pea soup?

Do you think that a simple beautiful steamed sea bass salt lemon and olive oil will taste better on the ocean or in a Parisian silver service dining room? Well actually, the tastes are the same, but the memory. . . the taste after the taste. . . what do you think?

What if I could at least enhance this fish taste with the sound of the ocean, the smell of the sea, the freshness of a salted breeze, some moonlight. . .
Far from being a distraction, the entire concept of Ultraviolet revolves around providing the best possible context for the food.